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Air Cargo
181,050 t shipped in 2020
Thanks to our range of air cargo solutions and selected premium carriers, we find the optimal balance between speed and cost for each shipment.
ECONOMY – for the best rates
PRIORITY – for time-sensitive transports
EMERGENCY – for highly urgent shipments
All cargo-partner logistics centers worldwide are managed via the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform and connected in real time to enable the flexible optimization of routes and orders.
SPOT contains an intelligent warehouse management system (WMS) for order and inventory management. It can easily be adapted to the individual requirements of each client and quickly connected via EDI/API interface.
Rail Transport
Our rail transport service across the New Silk Road is a fast, cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to air and seafreight.
50% faster than seafreight, 60% less expensive than airfreight
Full and part load container transports
Door-to-door service from China to Europe and vice versa
Road / Logistics
1,097,000 t handled in 2020
With our dense network in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, we offer regular departures, short delivery times and door-to-door service.
FTL – for urgent full loads
LTL – for cost-efficient direct deliveries
Groupage – for smart consolidation solutions
Sea Cargo
314,000 TEU shipped in 2020
Our reliable sea cargo services ensure that your goods reach any continent in the world safely and on time.
FCL – reliable shipments for full container loads
LCL – top service for part loads
Project Cargo – flexible solutions for special requirements
Full Range Info-Logistics Provider
cargo-partner is a privately owned full-range info-logistics provider offering a comprehensive portfolio of air, sea, land transport and warehousing solutions.
Statistics 2020
  • Turnover: 1,290 million EUR
  • Air Cargo: 181,050 t
  • Sea Cargo: 314,000 TEU
  • Road: 1,097,000 t
  • Shipments: 1,022,000
  • Warehouse Space: > 250,000 m²
  • 3,250 Employees
  • 40 Countries
  • 130 Locations
Storage Space
10,700 m²
12,250 m²
Vienna - Airport
1,400 m²
1,300 m²
2,500 m²
16,500 m²
7,600 m²
Czech Republic
12,500 m²
Czech Republic
Prague Airport
500 m²
4,900 m²
4,000 m²
26,400 m²
Budapest Airport
200 m²
8,000 m²
1,900 m²
6,700 m²
10,000 m²
14,400 m²
4,500 m²
8,000 m²
Dunajska Streda
18,300 m²
8,200 m²
25,000 m²
Bangkok Free Trade Zone
200 m²
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
6,400 m²
3,700 m²
2,600 m²
3,000 m²
16,000 m²
14,000 m²
iLogistics Center
The award-winning iLogistics Center at a strategic location near Vienna Airport points the way to sustainable architecture and offers modern logistics and value added services on 12,250 m².
The modern warehouse facility provides optimal conditions for the storage of spare parts and high-tech goods of all dimensions.
  • Storage of long and heavy goods up to 5 t
  • Lean-Lift for UV-protected storage
  • 32,000 KLT bins for small parts
  • Temperature range of 15-25 °C, humidity control
  • 8,400 t of CO₂ reduced thanks to sustainable timber construction
  • Operating since: June 2018
  • 12,250 m² storage space
  • 24,500 pallet slots
  • Strategic location at European road transport hub near Vienna Airport
Customer Highlights:
  • International spare parts logistics for machine manufacturer ENGEL: 24/7 order processing and enhanced service for ENGEL’s clients
iLogistics Center
Located directly next to Ljubljana Airport and 20 minutes from the city center, the iLogistics Center provides 25,000 m² of warehouse space along with specialized logistics solutions for a variety of industries. The investment was honored with the Invest Slovenia FDI Award for its important contribution to the development of the region.
  • ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, HACCP and TAPA certified, GDP compliant
  • Storage under temperature-controlled conditions at 2-8 °C or 15-25 °C
  • Specialized industry solutions for Automotive, High Tech, Foodstuffs, Pharmaceuticals
  • Comprehensive eFulfillment services for online retailers
  • Daily pick-up and distribution throughout Europe
  • Operating since: August 2019
  • 25,000 m² storage space
  • 20,000 pallet slots
  • 6,000 m² small parts store
  • 5,000 m² cross-dock and block storage
iLogistics Center
The iLogistics Center provides an ideal logistics hub in close proximity to Sofia Airport, the highway and the Sofiyska Sveta Gora metro station. In addition, the direct railway connection offers the possibility of unloading goods directly from the train into the warehouse. Frequent truck departures to and from all surrounding regions ensure a fast and efficient distribution of goods.
  • TAPA-A, AEO and ISO 9001 certified
  • Over 15 years of local logistics experience
  • Regular weekly trucking services via Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania, Italy and Macedonia
  • Industry solutions for Foodstuffs, Pharmaceuticals, High Tech and Fashion
  • Operating since: July 2018
  • 16,500 m² storage space
  • 22,000 pallet slots
  • 36 truck docks
  • 2,000 m² office facilities
iLogistics Center
The iLogistics Center is located in Prague Airport’s Logicor Park, 15 minutes from the airport as well as from the city center. In April 2019, the class A warehouse received a temperature-controlled section providing 1,500 m² of storage space at a temperature range where goods can be stored at +2 to +8 °C.
  • Direct proximity to Prague Airport
  • VMI, order fulfillment and reverse logistics services
  • Ideal for spare parts and temperature-sensitive goods
  • Operating since: January 2019
  • 10,900 m² storage space
  • 11,000 pallet slots
  • 1,200 m² bonded warehouse space
  • Temperature-controlled storage at 2-8 °C
  • 5 t/m² floor load
  • 25 truck docks
iLogistics Center
Our state-of-the-art warehouse in Bratislava provides an ideal logistics hub, located directly in the city and close to the Czech, Austrian and Hungarian borders. Customers benefit from the strategic location near Vienna Airport, an optimal connection to the highway and several important shopping centers. Security is assured by constant video surveillance. In addition to long and short term storage and bonded customs warehousing, cargo-partner provides a wide range of value added services.
  • Close to Czech, Austrian and Hungarian borders
  • Constant video surveillance
  • 8,200 m² storage space
  • 14,000 pallet slots
  • 13 truck loading docks
  • Temperature range of 8.5-27 °C
iLogistics Center
Dunajska Streda
Following the most recent expansion in 2018, the iLogistics Center provides 18,300 m² of modern warehouse space. Thanks to the direct connection to the METRANS rail container terminal, containers arriving via intermodal transport from Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Koper and Trieste can be moved directly to the cargo-partner cross-dock station.
Take a virtual tour through our iLogistics Center on Google Street View:
  • Directly connected to METRANS rail container terminal
  • Ideal for oversized goods and project cargo shipments
  • Intermodal transport replaces last-mile trucking for reduced costs and transit times
  • Special focus on automotive, industrial spare parts and high-tech machinery
  • Latest expansion: December 2018
  • 18,300 m² storage space
  • 24,000 pallet slots
  • 9 container loading ramps
  • 22 truck loading docks
  • Temperature range of 15-25 °C
Customer Highlights:
  • Specialized value added services for Webasto: pre-assembly in cargo-partner warehouse, direct transport to Webasto production line
Safety and Security
The highest security is ensured by camera surveillance, motion sensors and visitor control as well as alarm- and fire-secured internal and external areas.
Modern IT Systems
We provide state-of-the-art warehouse management systems (WMS) enabling warehouse management on serial number basis, barcode scanning, status reports in real time, detailed KPI reports as well as easy interfacing with our customers’ systems via EDI or API. With the SPOT platform, our customers benefit from 24/7 warehouse management from anywhere in the world.
High Tech Warehousing
cargo-partner operates state-of-the-art logistics facilities and technical service centers for the requirements of high tech machinery and equipment. We provide heated and dust-free warehouses with separate zones for storage, handling and technicians.
Technical Distribution
We offer a range of technical distribution services for machinery and equipment: from white-glove delivery, unpacking and installation up to customer trainings, roll-out management, dismantling and return of used devices. Our dedicated high-tech vehicle fleet comes with sector-specific equipment such as electric stair climbers, telescopic cranes, load distribution plates etc.
Transport Connections
Our modern warehouses are ideally connected to all major transport hubs to provide the perfect platforms for your international, regional and local distribution.
Oversized Goods
Our warehouses provide a range of equipment for the loading, unloading and handling of heavy goods. Long and heavy goods weighing up to 5 t can be stored in cantilever racks.
Rack Types
Our warehouses contain comprehensive high-bay rack systems including small parts shelves. Furthermore, we can optionally provide wide and narrow aisle shelving, cantilever racking, vertical lift systems and drawer cabinets.
Weighing and Measuring
Incoming goods are weighed and measured to determine the ideal location for efficient storage in our warehouse.
Quality Check
We can perform visual and functional quality checks or provide dedicated areas for quality inspections by our customers´ staff.
We offer a comprehensive selection of value added services from the picking and packing of pallets, boxes and individual items to repacking, labeling, neutralizing, sorting and conducting quality checks.
Oversized Goods Handling
Oversized, out-of-gauge and heavy goods can be unloaded sideways directly into the warehouse via dedicated gates, handled by means of special cranes, and custom-packaged in wooden crates.
Vertical Lift System
The vertical lift system is ideal for the storage of light- and dust-sensitive small parts. It is fully automated and works according to the ‘goods-to-picker’ principle. This helps us achieve a significantly faster storage and retrieval of goods.
Small parts bins (KLT bins) are stored in dedicated shelves. A color-coded organization system helps our staff find what they need quickly and efficiently. Each KLT bin has a unique ID barcode for easy identification in our warehouse management system.
Narrow Aisle
The narrow aisle racks are up to over 15 m high, enabling maximum utilization of warehouse space. The narrow aisle forklift uses an automated, induction-based navigation system, guided by tracks in the specially polished floor.
Goods of All Sizes
Our warehouses provide ideal storage facilities for goods of all shapes and sizes: from KLT bins for small parts, to high bay racks for standard pallets, up to special cantilever racks for long and heavy goods, cable drums or other unusually shaped items.
Pick and Pack
Our comprehensive order fulfillment service includes picking and packing based on our customers’ needs and processes. An optimized warehouse layout and digitized inventory management ensure fast and efficient order processing.
We provide product kitting, bundling and pre-assembly according to our customers’ requirements. Each kit or bundle is assigned a unique stock keeping number (SKU) so it can easily be managed and retrieved for orders.
Goods are made transport-ready and packaged based on their unique requirements: from standard pallets and parcels to special packaging for sensitive goods or tailor-made wooden crates for oversized and heavy items.
Pick and Pack
Our comprehensive order fulfillment service includes picking and packing based on our customers’ needs and processes. An optimized warehouse layout and digitized inventory management ensure fast and efficient order processing.
Several of our warehouses are equipped with their own x-ray screening facilities. This helps to reduce waiting times and process shipments significantly faster.
All our warehouses operate according to the HACCP concept for food safety, and several of our local offices and teams are certified by GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and IFS (International Food Standard) for the handling of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals.
Our specialized logistics facilities provide dedicated temperature zones for the storage and handling of ambient (+15 to +25°C), refrigerated (+2 to +8°C) and frozen (-15 to -25°C) goods.
Our customs experts around the globe take care of proper, prompt and cost-efficient customs clearance for your goods. We will gladly provide advice on any customs clearance issues: from the preparation of customs documents to drawback and complaint applications, customs and veterinary checks, pricing and filing.
Global Quality
Uniform standards in all our logistics centers around the world ensure quality and reliability. All cargo-partner logistics centers are constructed and managed according to the international norms ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14000 for environmental management.
Thanks to our international network of closely cooperating road carriers and courier partners, we can provide door-to-door service from and to anywhere in the world - no matter whether it´s a standard container, full or part load truck or individual parcel shipment.
For international powertool producer Makita, cargo-partner provides seafreight imports and distribution throughout Europe, including daily pickup, overnight delivery and comprehensive import and export customs clearance. In addition, Makita makes use of the logistics provider’s flexible warehousing solutions to deal with fluctuating seasonal demand, including an "emergency warehouse" near the cargo-partner hub in Vienna.
In Shanghai, cargo-partner provides comprehensive logistics services for GUSTITALIA, an importer of Italian specialty foods. cargo-partner checks in advance whether the ingredients of the imported food and beverage products are allowed by China customs. Once the goods have arrived at the warehouse, cargo-partner’s staff makes sure the original labels and documents are correct and match the actual products.
At the iLogistics Center near Vienna Airport, cargo-partner handles international spare parts logistics for ENGEL. The machine manufacturer’s sophisticated processes require separate areas for goods receipt and acceptance, picking and packing, outgoing goods and dispatch as well as quality control by ENGEL’s engineers.
For Austrian beverage producer all i need, cargo-partner handles pre-carriage, storage and distribution to retailers, event locations and end customers throughout Europe. The provided value added services also include the assembly of hundreds of point-of-sale displays at various retail outlets in Austria.
At the cargo-partner iLogistics Center near Vienna Airport, ENGEL’s dust-and light-sensitive components, such as rubber seals and gaskets, are stored in the vertical lift system. This fully automated storage system is connected to cargo-partner’s electronic warehouse management system to ensure easy, reliable and transparent inventory management.
The cargo-partner warehouse in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia provides ideal storage conditions for Webasto´s products in proximity to the automotive supplier´s production facility. Components are forwarded directly to Webasto’s production line, eliminating the need for a prior preparation step in Webasto’s sub-warehouse. The individual manufacturing elements are presorted in the cargo-partner warehouse and assembled on special trolleys so that manufacturing can proceed smoothly and quickly.
SunnyBAG, a young Austrian company that produces solar bags for charging mobile devices on the go, relies on cargo-partner for the storage and distribution of its modern products. Based on long-standing logistics expertise and optimized processes, cargo-partner provides flexible picking and packing services and ensures timely delivery to SunnyBAG’s local and international customers.
cargo-partner provides airfreight and logistics solutions for the Austrian chocolate manufacturer Zotters transports to the Zotter Chocolate Theater in Shanghai. Zotter’s high-end chocolate is transported in temperature-controlled containers at a constant temperature of up to 25°C. As soon as the goods arrive at the airport, cargo-partner immediately moves them to the warehouse to maintain an unbroken cold chain.
For Laboratoires Filorga, a French manufacturer of medical anti-aging cosmetics, cargo-partner in China provides a door-to-door logistics solution with an on-time delivery rate of 98%. The all-round service package includes airfreight import shipments with customs bonded warehousing, import clearance, picking and packing, product labeling and transport insurance. In addition, Filorga makes use of detailed reports via the SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform.
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